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Recognising the Inherent Dangers of Commando Training

Understandably, we tend to focus on the exploits and individuals of our WW2 forebears as well as those Commandos from All Arms that followed.... to this day. However, we should not forget that Commando Operations have always been inherently dangerous and by necessity Commando Training has and remains dangerous. More than 40 ranks lost their lives during such training in Scotland during WW2 - There is no memorial to their endeavour.

The project committee have decided to include a commemorative plaque on the stone plinth of the Leaping Salmon statue at Achnacarry. The plaque will honour all men who were injured or killed during wartime training. The plaque will faithfully mimic the plaque on the plinth of the Commando Memorial.

Details of the commemorative plaque intended to be placed at Achnacarry for all Commando ranks injured and killed during wartime training.

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