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In August 2021, at the behest of an interested member of the RMA/CA an informal meeting of the Commando brotherhood was organised at Dunkeld House Hotel in Perthshire.
The individuals gathered on that day were presented with a number of facts relating to the life and works of Mr Scott Sutherland DA, RSA, FRBS. It was immediately apparent that there was unanimous agreement that action was required to reverse the receding public awareness of the Scottish artist-creator of the iconic Commando Memorial located above the birthplace of WW2 Commandos at Achnacarry near the village of Spean Bridge, Lochaber, Scotland.

It was decided to form a representative committee in order to determine what might be done to regenerate interest and awareness of Scott Sutherland and the Commando Memorial.
The committee of five members of both the
Royal Marines Association (RMA) and the Commando Association (CA)
Scott Sutherland Dunkeld2.jpg
Originating from an informal meeting, the Scott Sutherland Project Committee was formed at Dunkeld in August 2021
The Committee Members represent:
  • Scotland Region - Commando Association
  • Scotland & Northern Ireland Region - RMA - The Royal Marines Charity
  • Central Office, Operations, RMA - The Royal Marines Charity
  • East of Scotland Branch, RMA - The Royal Marines Charity (Sutherland Family Liaison)
  • Highland Branch, RMA - The Royal Marines Charity

Commando Memorial

About the Men

Some 240,000 people visit the iconic Commando Memorial statue at Spean Bridge every year. Many are passing tourists who stop to appreciate the stunning location and surrounding scenery as well as paying their respects to the men who the Commando Memorial commemorates. It’s also become the spiritual home of all who have served right up to the present day. The commanding presence of ‘the three men on the hill’ represents all the characteristics and values of commando training and operations. The enduring appeal of the Commando Memorial is, arguably, stronger than it’s ever been. To ensure that the site is safe-guarded for the future, extensive work to upgrade and improve the site was carried out over March and April 2022.. This work will increase the size of the Commando Memorial Gardens and improve the paving that surrounds the memorial.

Scott Sutherland Project
The Mission:

To ensure that the contribution made by this remarkable sculptor to the enduring memory of the public and all commando ranks is commemorated with gratitude;

1.  Establishing a Commando Heritage Trail, marked by dedicated cast plaques at notable locations linked to the life of Scott Sutherland and the Commando Memorial.


SSP Logo.png

An example of the brass plaques that will indicate the various locations throughout the Scott Sutherland

(Commando Memorial Heritage Trail)

ScottS Plaque.jpg

2.  The recreation of one of his lost works, which depicts the courage, stamina and dedication of these Commando trained men - reflecting their spirit and ethos. This will be the 'Leaping Salmon', originally commissioned for the Norrie Miller Gardens in Perth and vandalised beyond repair in the 1970’s. It was never replaced. The original maquette was retained by the Sutherland family who have generously offered it for use.

You too can join and support this project:


The administration of the project is conducted by Commando volunteers

All monies raised will go directly to the design, production and installation of the permanent articles of remembrance; the cast brass wall plaques and the final cast sculpture.

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