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Family Birkbeck make 'The House' Call!

A generous donation was received from Patrick Birkbeck on behalf of The House of Bruar to assist in the progress of the project and specifically to help build the foundations for the Leaping Salmon statue that will be placed near the WW2 Commando Training Camp at Achnacarry.

The recreation of that statue will be undertaken by one of Scott Sutherland's own students; Mr Alan Beattie-Herriot, a renowned sculptor in his own right and the creator of this wonderful figure; the Highland Piper.

The statue located adjacent to The House of Bruar, was unveiled on 15 August 2018, by Brigadier Alastair Dorward, Chairman of the 51st Highland Division Trust & was handed over to Gilbert Robertson of Struan, the 23rd Chief of Clan Donnachaidh for the Clan's safe-keeping.

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