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Cheltenham hosts the sixth plaque.

Landsdown Industrial Estate in Cheltenham was the home of HH Martyn & Co and their huge engineering complex of Sunningend. It was on this site that the bronze Commando Memorial was cast. One of the surviving buildings was the company boardroom. Thanks to its current manager, George Wright, who kindly agreed to host the sixth plaque in the Commando Memorial Heritage Trail. This represents another historic milestone to commemorate the work of Scott Sutherland and his iconic gift to the Commando constituency.

Joining the dedication ceremony were three generations of the Sutherland family. Seven year old Frank Sutherland, great grandson, who supervised the Commanding Officer of Royal Marines Reserves Bristol as they jointly unveiled the plaque. Colour Sergeant Rob Cunningham piped throughout the ceremony and added some tartan to the occasion. Thanks to Colonel Jim Fuller and Unit Sergeant Major John Cowie for so enthusiastically embracing this project.

Also on parade were dozens of representatives from across the Commando diaspora. Riders, Commando Association, Royal Marines Association and many, many friends and supporters of the project. They all contributed to a great day and a little bit of Commando history.

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