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Updated: Mar 10, 2023

If you ever wanted to be 'a brick in the wall' - HERE is your golden opportunity! As we near

completion of Phase I - the Commando Heritage Trail, we are now gearing up for Phase II.

The recreation of the destroyed Leaping Salmon statue is now in the preparatory stages.

The statue will be mounted on a plinth of similar design to that of the Commando Memorial itself and produced by one of Scott Sutherland's own student - Alan Beattie Herriott a renowned sculptor in his own right.

NOW we need to build the plinth - You can help by Sponsoring A Plinth Stone.

The overall costs include: the ground works and foundations of reinforced concrete, as much voluntary labour as possible, the acquisition, cutting, dressing and shaping of stone pieces and eventually the skilled masons.

We have represented the overall costs by creating our own digital 100-stone wall.

We invite sponsors of £50.00 x 100 stones.

We will attempt to inscribe your name on one of the digital stones and ensure that your contribution is included in the final register of supporters and sponsors.

Thank you for your contribution.

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