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Project Friends Rally Round

As the Scott Sutherland Project continues to make positive progress two more plaques were successfully 'fixed' to their new homes. At Birkhill, Dundee and at Newport on Tay in Fife the fourth and fifth plaques are now in place. Both locations were homes to the Sutherland family between 1947 and 1984. When Scott Sutherland won the competition for the Commando Memorial commission he lived at Birkhill. In that family home he drew up his plans to create the iconic and internationally renowned statue at Spean Bridge.

BZ to Callum and Bob. Also in the photo is Liddy Laird who lives at the Newport on Tay address. Her husband, Calum, worked for the publisher DC Thompson and for several years was the editor of Commando Comic.

Dates for the plaques are as follows: Abertay University - 1 March, Newport on Tay - 13 April, Birkhill - wc 22 May.

Continued thanks to everyone who has donated to the project and made the encouraging progress possible.

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