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Holding a candle to Wick!

On the 20th January 2023 in Wick the second plaque of the Commando Memorial Heritage Trust was installed on the external wall of the Wick Heritage Centre. Scott Sutherland was born in Wick in 1910 and was married in the Central Manse on the 20th January 1940. The plaque service coincided with the 83rd anniversary of his marriage to Kennethina Hendry. Sutherland served as a Sergeant in the Royal Artillery during WWII. His service included working alongside wartime commandos.

The service also neatly coincided with the posthumous Victoria Cross award to Lance Corporal Henry 'Eric' Harden, Royal Army Medical Corps, attached to 45 Commando Royal Marines, on the 23rd January 1945. Project member Dave Matthews read the Victoria Cross citation whilst Steve Nicoll and Ed Wilson explained the aim of the project and why Scott Sutherland was such an important person to the entire Commando constituency.

The Scott Sutherland Project committee were overwhelmed by the generosity of spirit and warm reception they received during their two night stay. Thanks are extended to the chair of Wick Heritage Centre, Donald Henderson, and his volunteer committee, the veterans and committee of the Wick branch of the Royal British Legion of Scotland as well as the members of St Fergus lodge. A special thanks to Provost Jan McEwan for attending the service despite her busy schedule. Their combined support and enthusiasm for the project was heartening. A vote of thanks to the owner of the Mackay Hotel, Murray Lamont, for his hospitality and kindness. Finally; to all the project donors who have ensured that the vital seed funding was available to cover the costs of the plaques at five locations and get the project up and running.

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